Our software provide you the user with clean state of the art crystal reports which you will be able to run from both the terminals or the server side. Please see galley to view some of our reports we provide. Below is a list of some of our reports.
Sales Report
Display information of the amount of money was made i.e. gross sale, net sales, the tax and more. see images for example of this report.

Product Report

This can be categorize in such a way to show overall goods sold and also can be broken down by individual cashiers and all. Items can also be grouped and displayed for example wholesale sales separated from retail sales.

Credit Customers Report

You are able to view outstanding goods sold and also keep a track on payments receive from your clients basically you are able to manage your creditors.

Margin Report

This will give you a break down of your product sold to give you a better idea if these items are generating enough sales or you are preparing too many and even being stolen base on the margins.

To get more information on the wide variety of reports available please contact us!