Self Serve

When it comes to any self serve establishment, we believe the key principle in point of sales systems is to ensure ease of use and efficiency. With our dedicated self serve POS systems, your customers will find it very easy to order as well as pay right at their own table as well as surrounding your store as per their own schedule.

Key Features

Our self serve POS system is also available across mobile devices. You can use our tablet point of sales system to utilize the intelligent product selection panel to easily help your customers decide which products they wish to purchase. Our POS screens are extremely user friendly and navigation is a cinch, as is the checkout process.

Our solution enables you to improve your retail sales as it enables your customers to seamlessly send all relevant orders right to the kitchen. The completely self sufficient system does away with the need to have interactions with the staff. The system continues to operate autonomously as your cash register keeps bringing in the sales! The best part is that our solution has been designed to remain in an “always on” mode. That means even if there is a loss of internet connection, the point of sales system will still continue to function efficiently.

Reporting And Data

Using our point of sales system you can gather rich data and insights into a variety of aspects of yourself serve business. You can get insights into the activity and performance of each kiosk as well as view all the data and perform in-depth analysis in order to optimize the menu or placement of specific kiosks to know more contact us today!


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