Restaurants have a wide assortment of requirements when it comes to point of sales systems. At JMPOS solutions, we strive to provide you the best and most customized solutions based on your restaurant’s requirements.

Diverse necessities

An easy type of restaurant will primarily tend to focus on effectiveness when it comes to any point of sales system. However, in the case of retail-type restaurants, their requirement would be to use POS systems to delegate requests rather than concentrating time on restaurant sales transactions. This reduces individual transaction times and further reduces chances of failure. Typically, sub shops tend to use a similar format when it comes to a POS system. Rather than having the technician scrabble every single request and then passing it into the kitchen, the point of sales system we provide will automate these requests and delegate them in assembly line fashion, facilitating greater efficiency.

There are also other scenarios where the requirement for a POS system would differ. For instance, in the case of restaurants that provide fast delivery, the workers tend to take up stations in front and this gets displayed in nourishment planning department with the objective of providing the food as soon as possible to the customer. In restaurants where the administration is at the tables, as well as fine-dining establishments it is important to understand how much the cash register is making as well as knowing which servers are dedicated to specific tables.

Many Features Galore

Our point of sales system for restaurants is equipped with a wealth of features such as order taking, reporting, inventory management through our inventory software, module for easy drive thru, checking of global reports, swipe cards, loyalty or gift cards, dynamic reporting and margin reports. All these features cover the entire spectrum of your restaurant’s activities, making daily operations simpler for you!

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