Retailers on ground have certain basic requirements when it comes to a point of sales system. This is because they typically complete their transactions at a specific time and on a regular basis have little variety in terms of items and categories. Based on these requirements, at JMPOS solutions, we provide you dedicated POS systems for your retail sales business.

Retail POS Requirements

Typically, most retailers have some specific requirements when it comes to their POS systems. For instance, if the store is offering items that are available in a wide range of styles (as is the case with shoes or apparel), the point of sales system will enable clients to create one stock as well as value passage right for a specific thing. For instance, they would create one stock for a sweater while enabling the client to follow deals based on shade and size.

High Degree of Versatility

Our point of sales system enables our retail clients to operate the system from anywhere, providing a great deal of mobility. They can access data and make smart business decisions while on the go. Besides this, our point of sales system offers a great deal of versatility. We understand that every single retailer is distinctive and has its unique niche requirements. This is why all our solutions are programmed to be easily adapted to a range of retail portions. We have also designed our solutions to be focused on specific retail priorities. Our solution interface is extremely easy to use and navigation is seamless as well. All these distinct features combined with our innate understanding of the retail sales business, enables you to use all our features easily.

Comprehensive Features

Our point of sales system comes equipped with several features such as taxation, discounts, access control, scanning of bar codes, retail transactions, inventory management via our inventory software as well as many others.