Welcome to JMPOS Solutions

.                                                                                                                                                                         If you have a business, having a point of sales system provides an excellent way to simplify your business operations, improvement agility for better go to market and to help you gain valuable insights from customer data. Our inventory software enables you to get access to all the data you ever need and you will never have to run out of stock again!

Range of Packages

We offer you a range of point of sales packages that make life easier and bring about greater mobility. For instance, we have a restaurant POS system for keeping tabs on your restaurant sales. We also have dedicated systems for Hotel POS that enables you to gather data on customer behavior patterns within your hotel. When it comes to self serve systems, we offer best-in-class solutions that provide detailed information right from the cash register right until checkout. If retail sales is what your business is about, having a point of sales system is crucial.

Why Do You Need A POS?

These days, retailers are struggling to understand their customers in order to provide tailored customized solutions. This is where a point of sales system helps tremendously in gathering rich data and insights on consumer behavior. Whether you are trying to gather employees biometric data to understand login and logout times or just ensure adequate security, or you wish to get details on sales activities and consumer preferences, our solution can help.

Flexibility in Purchase

Irrespective of the type of point of sales packages you decide to choose, we offer you a flexible way to make the purchase. You could purchase any of the above mentioned modules separately or buy them as a bundle depending on your unique business requirements. When it comes to ensuring a customized retail sales experience, our POS systems help you do the job!